FINANCIAL CAPITAL OF IRELAND is being established to Crown Ireland with Invincibility

n2 WEEKLY MEETINGS will be held to inform everyone of the basic principles of the invincibility programme that is being offered to train the required number of FOUNDERS OF INVINCIBILITY in the national consciousness of Ireland.
In short, the knowledge lies in the science and technology of consciousness. These weekly meetings will feature videotaped addresses by the world renowned quantum physicist John Hagelin, Ph.D. and world renowned educators like Dr. Bevan Morris, President of Maharishi University of Management, Iowa, USA and Dr. Volker Schanbacher, President of the Maharishi University of World Peace, Switzerland; and by the world renowned architect of fortune-creating homes, Dr. Eike Hartman.
The beneficiary of this programme will be the whole population of Ireland. Positivity, integration, health, wealth and wisdom. Lack of negativity and rise of all positive trends in the country, raising the national consciousness to invincibility.
This invitation is to all scientifically minded individuals who want to improve the quality of their own lives and the life of the nation.
For details of benefits applicable to you, please visit our website: and come to the weekly conferences every Wednesday at 8 pm at Mespil Hotel, Mespil Road (near Baggot Bridge), Dublin 4. Offered by the President, Financial Capital of Ireland, Dr. J. Hayden. Tel: 01 4960762, e-mail: